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Your Home Story

Dec 31, 2019

If you love the look of gallery walls but are scared to try to put one up, we are here to help! We are breaking down the confusion on frame sizing, how to pick art, how to decide on photographs, whether your gallery wall should be symmetrical or 3D, and much more! Join in as we give handy tips for installing your gallery wall and whether or not your gallery wall should be the focus of a space or just add to the space. 

*Affiliate link below. In our chat, Ashley mentioned a great modern bookcase that she scored at the Goodwill and then shared about her large gallery wall that she used to have in her living room. Still want to know more about determining frame sizing for your wall? Use this handy gallery wall how-to to help you plan your next gallery wall! 

Find loads of inspiration on gallery walls on this gallery wall board on Pinterest


  1. Ashley’s new travel gallery wall in her master bedroom. 
  2. See Suzannah’s 2013 dining room gallery wall here
  3. See Suzannah’s 2017 dining room with multiple art pieces here

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