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Your Home Story

Jan 7, 2020

Budgeting is not the most exciting part of a renovation project, but it’s often critical for success and confidence that you can take on a new big reno! It can be super overwhelming so we’re talking you through the exact tools Suzannah and Ashley use, including giving away a detailed template for Suzannah’s spreadsheet method for budgeting for a project. 

Resources mentioned:

  1.  Ep 59 How we budget + how to organize a budget 
  2. Midcentury modern One Room Challenge bathroom makeover and the budget breakdown
  3. The spreadsheet template!
  4. Suzannah’s last house guest bathroom, master bathroom, and kitchen reno with budgets
  5. Picasa, the simple free collage program Suzannah uses
  6. Copycat Chic
  7. 10 good apps that help you manage money

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