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Your Home Story

Mar 3, 2020

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to kitchen organization. Today, we are talking about ways to store and maintain food/pantry items so that your kitchen is more functional! Whether you have a tiny pantry like Ashley and Suzannah both do currently or a walk-in pantry, you are going to leave this episode with useful ideas for upgrades you can make to your space. 

On the show today, we chatted about: 

  1. Episode 92 Organization in the Kitchen
  2. Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist 
  3. Small built-in pantry inspiration
  4. Ashley’s pull out cabinet shelves that she loves
  5. Inspiration for storing dry goods on open shelves
  7. Reusable produce bags Suzannah likes
  8. Kristyn (@blackard_modernfarmhouse) that Suzannah recommends for pantry tips (see Kristyn’s story highlights!)
  9. Wire pull out idea for a walk-in pantry

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