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Your Home Story

Mar 10, 2020

If you hate the way something looks, there are usually cheap, easy cosmetic updates like paint and adhesive tile you can apply on top. We’ve all been swayed by the “$100 challenge” bathroom update that looks great in photos, but… when is it better to save up, learn some new skills, and do a bigger project? 

Resources mentioned: 

  1. Dear Alice Podcast
  2. Nicole Bach @makingitlovely thread on Twitter that inspired this episode
  3. Making It Lovely blog
  4. Ashley’s experience with short term design decisions:
    1. Modernizing stair railings
    2. Patio umbrella
    3. Gold aligator
  5. Suzannah’s spray paint projects (including her popular breakfast nook light fixture and painting her brass fireplace screen)
  6. Suzannah’s post on replacing door knobs and hinges

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