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Your Home Story

Apr 7, 2020

Putting thought and effort into frames and mats can really elevate the art in your house. From linen mats to no mats, grid style frames to thrifted frames, tune in to figure out how to mix and match frames to create unique style and groupings at your house. 

We specifically chatted about: 

  1. Suzannah’s dining room featuring the six pencil drawings in matching frames
  2. Juniper Print Shop
  3. Framebridge visual tool
  4. Art to Frames
  5. Nancy at Hillside House - IG Art Tour
  6. Ashley’s Vintage Dining Room with original art framed with glass and clips
  7. Ashley’s grid style gallery wall in her master bedroom 
  8. DIY Mat Cutting Tutorial 
  9.  Travel Gallery in Ashley’s hallway 

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