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Your Home Story

May 5, 2020

As we continue with the theme of “less is more” this year, we are taking a look at how we’ve improved life in our kitchen, laundry rooms, etc. Small tweaks regarding home products have made us so much happier. In this episode we are sharing those simple products that we are loving and why we are loving them with you today. 

Some of our favorite products right now are:

  1. Label Maker
  2. Amber glass bottles 
  3. All-purpose cleaner recipe
  4. Silicone suction lids 
  5. Mesh laundry bags
  6. Reusable Cheese Bags
  7. Tea storage box
  8. This is Home: The Art of Simple Living
  9. More of Suzannah’s kitchen favorites in her recent blog post on kitchen hacks and essentials

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