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Your Home Story

May 12, 2020

As fun as it is to follow decor trends and see them popping up at affordable price points, there’s something really special about putting in the time and thought to create a home that reflects you and your family. In today’s episode, we walk you through different ideas to help you create a home that truly is one of a kind. 

Links we mentioned: 

  1. A sneak peek at the vintage chairs Ashley is planning on having recovered
  2. Favorites for unique home tours and fresh inspiration: Architectural Digest, Country Living home tours, Martha Stewart, Rue Magazine, Domino 
  3. Ep 29 on Shopping Vintage Online
  4. Ep 24 on Buying and selling on Facebook, Craigslist, and more. 
  5. Ep 79 on: You have a cookie cutter house... where to start and what to do if you want something different?
  6. Suzannah’s post on estate sales
  7. Ashley post with favorite sources for vintage rugs
  8. Ashley’s post about how to search for vintage rugs online
  9. Suzannah’s post on 3 ways to shop for vintage rugs on a budget

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