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Your Home Story

Jun 9, 2020

A collection of similar items grouped together can make a beautiful statement, sometimes even  more than one large piece! But you can end up with a cluttered or incomplete look. We’re sharing some important tips and our favorite ways to decorate with collections this week!

Links we mentioned:

  1. Painted picture mats by Allie from @theadoredadobe
  2. Suzannah’s grid gallery wall of pencil drawings (in the finished room here)
  3. A peek at the vintage bells in Ashley’s house. 
  4. The wood bowl collection that Ashley hung up in her bedroom.
  5. The antler wall in Ashley’s entryway
  6. Good article from Veranda: 12 Tips for decorating with collections
  7. Collection of mirrors at the stair landing by Audrey from @blackhouseonthecorner
  8. Vintage portrait gallery
  9. Mounting a collection on a wall: grouping of cool mounted plants
  10. Kelly Elko - Finial collection and trophy collection
  11. Wall shelving created for a vintage camera collection
  12. Cary Ray’s pottery all on one shelf and Carol Estes’s pottery collection storage as a feature
  13. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess rainbow glassware collection

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