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Your Home Story

Mar 20, 2018

If you are ready to start a kitchen renovation, planning a small kitchen update or just want to be inspired by what you can do to freshen up your kitchen, then this episode is perfect for you.


Listen in as we chat about how a kitchen function matters and what you can look for in adding function to your space. Whether it be adding an automatic faucet (which Ashley loves) or microwave placement, you’ll be sure to gain valuable food for thought to make changes to your space.


Need help with budgeting for your kitchen remodel? Here’s a resource you can use to remodel a kitchen.


Want to see more inspiration and budget breakdowns? We love Anna’s full kitchen reno with her her follow-up on how to remodel a kitchen. Other great kitchen renovations or updates include: Francois Et Moi, Chris Loves Julia, The Sweetest Digs  and Southern Hospitality.


And, if you haven’t seen our kitchen reveals and breakdown’s, make sure to check them out! See Ashley’s Before and After Kitchen Reveal and Suzannah’s Before and After Kitchen Reveal.

You can find us on our blogs or connect with each of us on Instagram. Suzannah is @suzannahstanley and Ashley is @biggerthanthethreeofus. We’d love to hear your questions and thoughts! Join our Facebook group here and email us at