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Your Home Story

Jul 21, 2020

Whether you have a large dedicated playroom or just a few corners in other rooms in your house, you probably have faced common issues with organization, messes, funny-looking toys, and where kids are in relation to the rest of the family when playing. Ashley and Suzannah have different experiences with kids from baby to big kid, underused playrooms and popular play corners, and are breaking it down with tips for common problems, design ideas to make the spaces look more like your style, and more.

Resources mentioned:

  1. Ep 92 on Kitchen Organization
  2. The playroom at Ashley’s house
  3. The DIY recovered storage ottomans Suzannah stores some toys in
  4. Melissa & Doug sound puzzles both our toddlers LOVE(d) (affiliate link)
  5. Toy storage behind the couch
  6. Suzannah’s latest playroom design
  7. Cute playrooms with real, actual (plastic) toys: inspo #1, inspo #2
  8. More styled but still realistic playroom
  9. Ep 106 Kids’ Stuff Organization

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