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Your Home Story

Jul 28, 2020

Rebekah Hildebrand is our guest on the show today. She’s chatting about finding joy in secondhand treasures, learning how to dive into DIY and being okay with failing so that you can later succeed, embracing slow progress, no-spend months, and so much more. 

Find Rebekah on IG at @savoring_home. Some of our favorite views of her home include this view of her kitchen and her take on what is/isn’t working, a color-blocked bedroom that we adore, and a coffee table scene that just draws us in. 

 During the show today, she talked about:

  1. The More of Less by Joshua Becker
  2. Cozy Minimalist Home
  3. Essentialism
  4. A Year of Less 
  5. Young House Love’s episode with Cait Flanders
  6. Amazing woodworking tutorials by @carpentrybymar

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