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Your Home Story

Sep 22, 2020

Cassie Bustamante is on the show today talking about how she pushes herself to be creative with a limited budget, how important it is for her to step away from home inspirations so that she can reset her own head space, how she makes no spend months work, and some projects that she shared that really show how you can be more creative when you have to be! 

 During the show today, she talked about:

  1. Ashley Guest Bedroom Refresh 
  2. Cassie Bustamante’s Blog and Instagram
  3. Kate’s Budget Friendly Kitchen Update
  4. Budget-Friendly Bathroom Update
  5. Simple Tablescape with Little Oranges
  6. Spray Painted Front Door Basket
  7. Frog Tape Paint Challenge in the Basement
  8. Kitchen Reveal 
  9. Present over Perfect
  10. Hands Free Momma
  11. Oprah’s Master Class + Super Soul
  12. Gratitude Journal

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