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Your Home Story

Feb 23, 2021

Digital art downloads are inexpensive and can be a great way to get art on your walls. Learn more about them in today’s show including where to find them (we have a list of a bunch!), how to print them and how to make them look more like intentional art pieces instead of just printed pieces plopped in a frame. 

Ashley talked about:

  1. Art Print Shops
    1. Juniper Print Shop 
    2. Heirloom on Etsy
    3. BFF Print Shop 
    4. Blue Jay Art 
    1. Unsplash
    2. Smithsonian 
    3. The MET
  2. Free Art:
    1. Shop Vintage Supply 
    2. Hearts and Color 
    3. Chaos and Wonder
  3. More Digital Art Downloads
  4. Places to print digital art: Mpix and Nations Photo Lab
  5. So Much Better With Age did a great printable art round-up
  6. Ashley’s roundup on digital Christmas art prints
  7. Suzannah’s post: Unique, vintage-inspired bathroom art updates and affordable custom framing
  8. Suzannah’s post: Get the Look: Vintage Oil Paintings with Custom Framing. Free downloads!
  9. Cabin in Wilderness | Smithsonian Institution (
  10. Art from Museum Quality Art in Suzannah’s bathroom

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