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Your Home Story

Jun 12, 2018

Sometimes YOU know how you want to decorate, but do you know how to update a space or do a big project with your spouse or significant other? If others in your household care about the decor, you may have to get creative and figure out how to work on your home together. Ashley and Suzannah have lots of experience with this and share what’s worked well for them!

These questions will help you discuss with your significant other:

  1. What do you envision the space to feel like?
  2. How are you planning to use the space?
  3. Do either of you have any specific “wants” for the space?
  4. Find what each of you does well and let you both run with it. E.g. budgeting, plumbing, design...

You can find us on our blogs or connect with each of us on Instagram:

  • Suzannah is @suzannahstanley
  • Ashley is @biggerthanthethreeofus
  • The podcast is @yourhomestorypodcast

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