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Your Home Story

Jul 3, 2018

Changes to windows and doors can make a huge effect to make a home look more custom or updated. Some of these changes you can do yourself… others could be a huge nightmare, mess, time suck, or worse! Ashley and Suzannah talk through their experiences and when to hire or DIY on both window and door projects.

Projects we talked about:

  1. Ashley's kitchen window project (enlarging)
  2. Ashley's dilemma enlarging or updating glass in exterior doors
  3. Suzannah's DIY door/trim update
  4. See how Ashley at The Gold Hive added a door to the backyard from her master bedroom

You can find us on our blogs or connect with each of us on Instagram:

  • Suzannah is @suzannahstanley
  • Ashley is @biggerthanthethreeofus
  • The podcast is @yourhomestorypodcast

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