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Your Home Story

Jul 24, 2018

We will be the first to admit that keeping up with the exterior of the home can be daunting. It feels like we never have enough time to get the interior how we want it, and then you want me to keep up with the exterior too? Today, we are breaking down what actually needs to be done on the outside of our homes, how often to do it, and what season works best to do it in. Make sure to download the printable outdoor home maintenance checklist to keep on top of it all.

In this episode, we chatted specifically about:

  1. Power washing and how you can really make a big impact with this one tool. Ashley has this one (affiliate link) and really likes it.
  2. We both got crazy with our dryer vents and Suzannah even documented her dryer vent situation.
  3. Ashley changed her back patio mulch to river rock and has never looked back. It’s a great alternative to mulch as you don’t have to replace it each year.
  4. Gutter guard installation isn’t hard. Use Ashley’s tutorial on installing gutter guards if you have trees that drop their leaves in your gutters in the fall.
  5. Exterior Checklist - Get your free downloadable exterior maintenance checklist and start taking care of your exterior.

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  • Suzannah is @suzannahstanley
  • Ashley is @biggerthanthethreeofus
  • The podcast is @yourhomestorypodcast

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