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Your Home Story

Jan 1, 2019

We had fun in Episode 9 of last year sharing the design trends for 2018, so we thought we check back in on those trends and then forecast what will be HOT for 2019--and what’s going out. We hope you are ready to see some new trends this year, because we hear maximalism and bold hues are going to be coming on strong. Tune in to hear more about these as well as classic kitchens, the debate on succulents, and more!

We referenced these trends articles from MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino, and Elle Decor, and this slow living style article from HGTV. Also these 2018-going-out articles: HGTV

Inspirations we shared:

  1. Gwen from The Makerista
  2. Erin Kestenbaum
    1. Brighton Kitchen by deVol
    2. Hillsborough Kitchen by Jute Home
  3. Examples of Classic Kitchens
    1. Shade Blossom Wallpaper
    2. Heirloom Rose Wallpaper
  4. Floral Wallpaper

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