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Your Home Story

Jan 29, 2019

Ashley and Suzannah share great tips on what has worked for them when working with contractors. From how to provide clarity to contractors while saving yourself time to how to go with the highest quote without paying the highest prices, you’ll want to tune in today to hear these and more!

Resources mentioned: 

  1. Ashley’s post on the cost for enlarging a window
  2. Our "DIY or Hire Out" episodes:
    1. Ep 6: Flooring
    2. Ep 15: Wallpaper
    3. Ep 20: Small Electrical
    4. Ep 28: Windows and Doors
    5. Ep 37: Painting
    6. Ep 46: Wall Treatments
  3. HomeAdvisor
  4. Porch
  5. Angie’s List

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