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Your Home Story

Mar 5, 2019

Nursery design can be so fun and cute!! But a baby’s room also needs to be super functional. So we did a deep dive into the essentials, ways to add your design touches, and some inspirational nurseries and pieces that work well. Plus, learn how to make a nursery that’s perfect for baby but still fits within your home, and learn who you’re really designing your nursery for!

Resources and inspirations:

  1. Suzannah’s nursery
  2. Suzannah’s nursery pinboard
  3. Suzannah’s ultimate glider/rocking chair
  4. Suzannah’s affordable rocking chair research blog post and how she likes hers
  5. Baby clothing divider tags
  6. Blue light-free nighlight
  7. Some great inspiration nurseries we talked about:
    1. @carpendaughter’s playful nursery
    2. @pricelanding’s elegant, muted nursery (and a recent update here)
    3. DIY Playbook’s larger space with great nursery to grow into
    4. Cassie Bustamante’s wallpapered nursery closet and simple built-in shelves

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