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Your Home Story

Mar 26, 2019

We are doing a deep dive today on laundry rooms. Whether you're gutting and redoing a laundry room from scratch, or just thinking about small updates to refresh your space--maximizing the space you have to work with, considering how you use it, and evaluating how you need it to function are always key to creating, designing and having a functional room that you love.

Resources mentioned: 

  1. Ashley’s current laundry room
  2. Suzannah’s cabinet and laundry room update
  3. How to Hang Removable Wallpaper
  4. Chris Loves Julia’s laundry room renovation
  5. Yellow Brick Home’s bright and fun laundry room
  6. Creekwood Hill’s lovely decorated laundry room
  7. ORC Makeover by Homemade by Carmona
  8. Ashley’s Laundry Room Pin Board
  9. Suzannah’s Laundry Room Pin Board

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