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Your Home Story

May 7, 2019

You’ve asked… we’ve tried to answer. =) The questions we chat about today are how we approach designing kid’s spaces, practical tips for making your bathroom feel more luxurious, the debate between having an office or a guest bedroom and more.

On the show, we referenced (affiliate links below):

  1. Bat Box
  2. Frame a poster instead of putting up a wall decal in your kid’s room.
  3. A beautiful example of neutral baskets in a kid’s space instead of primary color bins.
  4. Stud Pop
  5. A great look at what a picture rail looks like if you aren’t familiar with one.
  6. Episode 20 on small electrical
  7. Episode 2 on painting cabinets
  8. Our FB conversation on painting a large space white.
  9. Suzannah’s hallway/carpet removal update

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