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Your Home Story

May 14, 2019

We often get questions about real estate, and we do our best to answer, but wanted to bring in a pro! Nicole Wear is a stager and stylist who works with her husband, a seasoned residential real estate broker. Nicole talked to us about how the real estate staging process works, what DIYers can do to keep and improve their home values, styling vs. being comfortable in your own home, and more!

We had so much fun talking to Nicole and we love how confident Nicole is! She really shares her years of experience and knows how to stage and style a home to sell! Some knowledge she shared:

  • The unique piece of art that drew Ashley to Nicole’s Instagram
  • Working with her real estate agent husband day in and day out
  • How/when/why real estate firms offer staging and styling services
  • How to figure out the task list of what to do to your home before it’s ready to be listed
  • Answering: Should you paint before resale? What colors?
  • Perfect-world updates you’d do to your home before selling, plus the second tier if you’re limited in time and money.
  • What she asks almost every client to remove from their homes
  • What the DIY home improvement/decor DIYer should do if keeping in mind resale--if you plan to sell in 2-5 years?
  • What tile NOT to use if you update your backsplash!
  • How to be mindful of what’s appropriate for your home
  • How to make your home feel consistent and intentional
  • What she’s learned from staging homes that has influenced her own home

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