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Your Home Story

Jul 30, 2019

Open shelving is all the rage! And for good reason! Ashley and Suzannah have both done open shelves in their kitchens and Suzannah is planning some more in her current kitchen reno. Kitchen open shelves need to be deep (about 10”) and sturdy, but can be made of wood, metal, or glass and can be floating or mounted with basic or beautiful brackets. There are several kinds you can DIY!, and some to consider ordering or getting custom. We share technical info on lots of options.

Links we chatted about:

  1. Ashley’s sturdy tote bag that she’s using for groceries and loves.
  2. Magnolia’s technical guide for open shelving.
  3. Ashley’s open shelving guide
  4. Pre-fab metal shelving unit 
  5. Restaurant style floating look shelf
  6. Suzannah’s tutorial for how to install open shelves (over tile, even)
  7. Beautiful custom made metal shelves

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