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Your Home Story

Sep 10, 2019

Functional updates make both of us so happy. On the show today, Suzannah and Ashley are both sharing recent functional updates they have made at each of their houses. Suzannah brightened up her back entry by doing lots of grunt work and is so much better than where it started. Ashley took her over-filled coat closet and purged, painted and built a bench to help transform the space into something that they use and love. Tune in today to be inspired to tackle a mini functional update of your own.

Blog posts and photos that we talked about today:

  1. Suzannah’s kitchen reno
  2. Suzannah’s scary basement stairwell makeover
  3. DIY Mudroom Projects
  4. The Start of the Coat Closet  - Circa 2018
  5. Ashley's coat closet makeover reveal

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