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Your Home Story

Jun 30, 2020

From bland to guest-ready in just 8 weeks! Have you wondered how much money and time it really takes to make a guest room look nice? Suzannah is sharing it all in this episode. 

In today’s show, we chatted about:

  1. Decorating with Heirlooms
  2. Spy the original sewing chair look in Ashley’s Vintage Dining Room Reveal 

Jun 23, 2020

We have been taking it up a notch in our outdoor spaces lately and are sharing our top 5 tips for creating a beautiful, functional patio or other outdoor eating, lounge, or play area.

Resources mentioned: (contains affiliate links)

  1. Suzannah’s gazebo makeover
  2. Ashley’s patio
  3. Episode 31 on exterior...

Jun 16, 2020

Indoor air and water quality can have a huge impact on our health! But we don’t think about them most of the time, except maybe when buying a new home, or during a pandemic. We had an expert on the podcast this week and learned so much!! Including some great FREE things you can do to improve indoor air quality, plus...

Jun 9, 2020

A collection of similar items grouped together can make a beautiful statement, sometimes even  more than one large piece! But you can end up with a cluttered or incomplete look. We’re sharing some important tips and our favorite ways to decorate with collections this week!

Links we mentioned:

  1. Painted picture mats by...

Jun 2, 2020

Have you wanted to have your exterior painted but weren’t sure of the process or cost? Suzannah has now gone through this process with two different homes and is sharing what she’s experienced. From cost to timing to lessons learned, you will not want to miss this episode on house painting! Here’s Suzannah’s