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Your Home Story

Jan 30, 2018

Listen in as we chat about what type of flooring each of us have, what we have picked out and why, and if we have installed it ourselves or hired out. Gain knowledge on color, flooring types, installation difficulties, and more. Prepare to be surprised when you hear what our LEAST favorite part of flooring installation is and laugh as you hear that Ashley still hasn’t done this two years later!

Learn more with about subfloor and laminate installation in this post on Create/Enjoy and see Suzannah’s bathroom tile board and tile success here. Or, if Ashley sparked your interest with talking about peel and stick groutable tile or her wood flooring decision then check those posts out.

Write a review of the show to be entered in the $250 Framebridge giveaway! Ends 2/13, continental US only.

You can find us on our blogs or connect with each of us on Instagram. Suzannah is @suzannahstanley and Ashley is @biggerthanthethreeofus. We’d love to hear your questions and thoughts! Join our Facebook group here and email us at