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Your Home Story

Apr 16, 2019

It’s beginning to be the time of year when lots of people start planning exterior projects like deck/yard upgrades and landscaping. We called in the experts about landscape/hardscape design, Engelina and Erin from Gardening by Design, an Ottowa, Ontario, Canada firm. Their mission includes strengthening connection to the outdoors by designing spaces that allow you to experience nature in a new way.

We learned so much in this episode and you will, too!

  1. Why you should consider updating your landscaping/hardscaping
  2. What the limits are for a DIYer (both design and installation)
  3. Whether you’re trying to sell soon, or just want a quick update--key areas to focus on for resale (including a super simple DIY you can do to existing landscape beds to make your yard look more maintained and fresh!).
  4. Which types of exterior improvements to do when/per season
  5. Trends in plant materials and hardscaping for residential landscape design including some easy, inexpensive materials
  6. Where to start when making a landscape plan for your yard
  7. Plants to consider for interest and color for every season even in colder climates

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