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Your Home Story

Aug 6, 2019

Today, we are sharing all about how to design, makeover and use and love your front porch. 

We open the show with Ashley sharing how she’s been purging this year. It may be embarrassing for her but it’s working so yay for that! Suzannah talks about the kitchen utensils that she’s updating. She’s being a bit pickier with what is going in her drawers and it’s inspiring Ashley to purge a bit more in her cupboards. 

Suzannah shares her front porch setup and some wishes for the future (specifically with curb appeal). Ashley shares that she loves the updates that she’s done in her space, but after the talk, comes to the realization that she doesn’t actually take advantage of her space the way she would like to. 

We talk “function” of the front porch first. We believe that you should address: doors, weatherstripping, lighting, doorbell and doormat to upgrade to how your front porch functions. 

Specifically we referenced:

  1. What it costs to replace double front doors 
  2. How to install a doorbell button 
  3. Ashley’s Modern Front Porch Makeover 
  4. Beautiful Before/After Skinny Front Porch Makeover 
  5. Single Door on the Front Porch with a Larger Concrete Stoop/Porch
  6. Inspiration Front Porch that Spans the Whole Front of the House

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